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Unique Attitude

Established in 1942 by Dr. William and Mrs. Mabel Munson and continuing in our family to the present, Shalimar endeavors to produce the Shalimar vision of the Arabian Horse, a horse that is structurally sound and good-minded which leaves no doubt about the breed of the horse. Shalimar owned some of the most notable and influential *Raffles bred horses in the breed during the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s; horses which continue to be the cornerstone of pedigrees seen in today's Arabian. Through the process of trial and error, and the use of sound breeding practices, my Grandparents developed a band of horses which have withstood the test of time. Though Shalimar hasn't been in the show ring for over 30 years and doesn't breed to the "fad" of the day, our horses continue to satisfy the vision my Grandparents created for Shalimar long ago. Shalimar has always based its breeding decisions upon the basic truth of breeding Arabians and good horses in general.

No Arabian Head - No Arabian
No Arabian Tail Carriage - No Arabian
No sound feet and legs - No Horse

Shalimar is now being operated by myself, the Munson's oldest grandson, Adam Edmund; with my wife, Carrie; two daughters, Morgan and Skylar; and my father John Edmund. The current herd consists of approximately 50 to 60 "Shalimar" bred horses. Many of the broodmares were bred by Dr. and Mrs. Munson and integrated into the current operation upon their deaths. The stallions are all Shalimar bred and are high percentage *Raffles and Skowronek breeding and of 100% foundation lines. Shalimar will continue to operate its breeding program based upon these "truths", my Grandparents' "vision" and upon the strength of a broodmare band, though foundation lines in its makeup, will still satisfy the tastes of most modern day Arabian enthusiasts because they are simply good Arabian horses. Shalimar continues to operate in the small town of Harrison, Nebraska, far from what anyone would consider the center of the Arabian industry. We operate on approximately 100 acres in the heart of the world's best ranching country. The horses are bred for usability in a ranch setting.
Our horses' pedigrees reflect a pattern of careful and well thought out line breeding using such breed notables as Skowronek, *Raffles, *Raseyn, Garaff, Orbit, Collette, Rose of Raswan, Rafgida Nefertiti, and more recently Winraff and several of his sons. Our horses still carry between 40 - 50% of the blood of Skowronek and over 50% of the blood of *Raffles, undeniably two of the most influential Arabian horses of this century. We will continue to pursue the production of horses carrying high amounts of these horses' blood. It is simply too important to "throw away" such blood in pursuit of a quick fix and show ring success. With considerate and ruthless culling we believe these bloodlines will continue to endure. Though Shalimar might appear to epitomize what the Arabian industry has classified as a "foundation" or "preservation" program, we don't breed our horses simply for the sake of preservation. A pedigree means nothing if the product is mediocre. Our history suggests that, as breeders, our end product and customer satisfaction dictate that we must continue to be progressive and open-minded in the pursuit of the Shalimar "vision" of the "perfect" yet elusive Arabian horse. We believe we can do this using these pre-potent bloodlines as we move forward and connect the past with the present and continue into the future.
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